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Update: Z and B Week

Update: Zucchinis and Bikinis Week has been officially extended. You didn’t think that ‘update every day!’ actually meant that I would update without a self-initiated vacation, did you?

The truth is that I have been doing a lot of work for BG the last few days, the bulk of which I am finishing up today (before I go to Sundays at Six, of course.) In return for my breach of promise I will post a peak at several more zucchini recipes, which I will post recipes for starting tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!


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Since I am spending the week focusing on the magic that is the zucchini, I thought it would be appropriate to give a shout out to an upcoming zucchini-themed event on August 13th! If you happen to be in the area it might be worth checking it out: West Stockbridge 8th Annual Zucchini Festival.
Long live the zucchini!

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I am officially declaring this week to be imaGInelocal’s first annual Zucchinis and Bikinis Week! The concept is simple—I will spend a week making healthful recipes featuring the zucchini and will update every day. That’s right folks; I am stepping up my game!

So let us spend a week eating zucchinis to fit into those bikinis…everyone is invited.

*side note: pluralizing the word ‘zucchini’ can result in two words, both of which are correct: ‘zucchini’ or ‘zucchinis’.

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Mighty Food Farm in Pownal, VT

Here I am spending my summer (who knows, maybe my final summer!) in the beautiful, bountiful Berkshires. What better way to enjoy the land than to spend my time interning with Berkshire Grown, an NPO based out of Great Barrington, MA, which supports local farms and farmers. My time at BG has activated an old desire of mine to blog about my cooking experiences but in a specific fashion; I want to incorporate at least one locally produced ingredient in each ‘recipe’ (or maybe better known as ‘experiment’).

I am truly not declaring myself to be a gourmet chef—at most, I am an amateur foodie. Any knowledge that I can provide will spawn from my passion for sustainable cooking and the discoveries I come across as a result of being on a college student’s budget.  Though this will be my first time blogging about them, I have accumulated ideas about being as innovative as possible in situations where my food and/or resources were limited, like in my living situation on campus and my apartment in Rome (where, let’s face it, the language barrier made buying food one of the strangest parts of my day).

So join me on my local food adventure! I appreciate and welcome any suggestions, comments, or questions. Buon Appetito!

Pigs at Cricket Creek Farm in Williamstown, MA

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